Joe Pesci Accuses Macaulay Culkin of Sexual Assault on Set of Home Alone

By Zeke Faux
Member of Fox and Friends

HOLLYWOOD— Macaulay Culkin is known for his mishaps with drugs, totally falling apart to a crack-cocaine addiction along with making weird pizza eating videos, but luckily in recent years he has gotten his life back on track, getting his health back in order and starting a band. With all this great news along came some pretty dark shit. Joe Pesci has recently come out about the making of “Home Alone,” stating, “They were some of the worst years of my life, I would wake up everyday hoping my reality was untrue and once I realized this was the life I lived in I would cry…I haven’t been the same since.” He said throughout the sets of “Home Alone” and Home Alone 2” Macaulay abused him both physically, sexually, and mentally, Pesci claims the treatment was worse on set than what happened to his
character in the film.

“It all started when he asked me if I wanted to hang out in his dressing room and I thought, yeah sure Macaulay seems like a cool guy, but when I got there he told me to touch his penis. I truly admired him as an actor and I did not want to disappoint him and I knew that if I didn’t he would overpower me anyway or ruin my career because he was a much more popular actor than I was. He forced me to call him Kevin and recite lines from the film as he touched me, it was degrading and made me feel stupid. He would slap my butt in front of everyone on set and they all just laughed saying how adorable he was, I wanted to cry, but I was to embarrassed so I had to hold in the tears.”

We decided to contact Marv (real name not important) and when asked about he just started crying and moaning words that were inaudible. When asked if he was going to sue, Pesci said, “No amount of money could give me my life back, this is who I am now. This is who I’ve been for nearly 30 years.”

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