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How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Get?

12 Hours: You’re a Psych major. Or unemployed. Or an unemployed Psych major.

10 Hours: It’s not that bad. Ten hours of sleep is probably even recommended and healthy. Still some piece of shit is going to compain that they got less.

8 Hours: The recommended amount. Two-thirds of your day awake and the other third asleep, a perfect balance. It only took you two Ambiens, three shots of Nyquil and a few bowl rips to actually get to sleep.

6 Hours: Alright, you’re waking up tired but it’s so worth it. You’re definitley going to be the piece of shit that complains at your coworker that got ten hours.

4 Hours: As soon as you wake up, you’re planning out when you can take that nap. That nap is gonna be so worth it. I love that nap. I’m in love in with that nap.

2 Hours: Where’s that coffee? I need coffee. Arabica. Dark magic. French roast. GIVE ME COFFEE. NEED COFFEE.

0 Hours: Where’s that cocaine? I need cocaine. Colombian. Snow. Marching dust. GIVE ME COKE. NEED COKE.