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Corbin Bleu in Awkward Situations!

Uh oh, here’s Corbin Bleu acting as a public defender in a robbery case, only he hasn’t spent eight years studying law!
Look at Corbin Bleu protesting at a vegan rally. Too bad he doesn’t share their ideals and values! Oh no!
Here’s Corbin Bleu speaking at Aaron Hernandez’s funeral, but he has no personal anecdotes to share with the funeral goers due to not having a real intimate connection with Aaron Hernandez OR his family! Oi vey!

How To Get The Targum Referrendum Table People To LEAVE YOU ALONE

BY Grind All

Alright I understand that it’s important to these people blah blah blah. Or that they are getting paid to do this blah blah blah. But seriously LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

1. Pretend you’re dying

2. Actually die

3. Pretend you don’t speak English

4. Ask what year it is then run away saying “IT WORKED!”

5. Immediately start talking about your little even if you don’t have one

6. Start to GIVE THEM a speech on religion. Either God is super dead or he is super alive. Whatever you want

7. Stare straight into their eyes, never responding to them, but maintaining eye contact until you’re out of sight