Julia Roberts Asked to Play MLK in Biopic

By Harry Nuttsaac

Following outrage over the concept of Julia Roberts playing Harriet Tubman in a biopic, Roberts’ agent found a much better role for her: Martin Luther King Jr.  In an interview last month with the screenwriter for the movie Harriet, TMZ reported that a studio executive back in 1994 came up with the brilliant idea to have one of the whitest women in America play one of the greatest black women in American history.  Despite the fact that Roberts herself had nothing to do with this pitch meeting 25 years ago, she received massive backlash when the news broke. In a mad scramble to correct this PR nightmare, Roberts’ agent decided to find her a role that everyone would love to watch her in and settled on MLK, who she would be playing in the movie Dr. King, slated for Spring 2021.

Somehow, no one involved in the process of getting her this role saw that this might just be worse than her playing MLK, except Roberts, who said in a press conference, “I really need America to know that I am not as stupid as the people finding roles for me. I mean, who could ever think it would be a good idea for a white woman to play any woman of color, much less a man of color?”  The studios involved in Dr. King realized that it might just be a bad idea and canceled it, but this would fail to be the end of this drama.

Roberts tweeted out the video of her press conference, to which Scarlet Johansson replied, “I really think anyone should be able to play anyone they want #sorrynotsorry.”  Because people are stupid, Roberts once again started to receive hate mail and Johansson suffered zero criticism. Johansson will actually be playing the title role in Pocahontas, coming to theaters next Thanksgiving.

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