I am Peter Parker, not Miles Morales

Ever since I was a kid I was a massive Spiderman fan. It all started with my obsession with the Sam Raimi Spiderman films three years old. Ever since then I have read every comic, watched every TV show, and every movie he has ever been in. The Spiderman I grew up with had the secret identity of Peter Parker and that was the Spiderman I grew to love. Then the first issue with Miles Morales came out and when I read it, it seemed like the same character. The only difference I could find was that they had different ethnic backgrounds. They both were extremely smart, grew up modestly, and were prone to making corny jokes. Because of this I decided to stick with Peter Parker because Miles Morales seemed a bit derivative.

Because I am such a huge fan of Spiderman I decided to dress as him for New York Comic Con and Halloween. After notifying my mother she seemed confused and said, “are you sure you do not want to dress as Miles Morales?” I got mad at her and replied, “seriously mom?! I thought you knew Peter Parker is my one and only spiderman!” and she answered, “Ok sweetie I’m glad you feel comfortable doing that.” whatever the fuck that’s suppose to mean.

When I went to Comic Con I had an amazing time, I kept my mask on the whole time and people loved my cosplay, making peter parker references as they took pictures with me. Then the Halloween party this past weekend wasn’t so great.

There was a lot of food at the party so I couldn’t wear my mask, I figured the costume still worked without it. It was during the party things got frustrating Everyone kept coming up to me and shouting, “what’s up Miles!!!” or “hey dude, is Peter a good mentor?” and I would laugh and tell them “well actually, I’m Parker, Haha!!” Then they would look at me and say “oh…um… cool costume” and walk away seeming disappointed. What was I missing? My costume had all the right colors. And everytime I bring it up to my friends they try to change the subject. Why does this keep happening?

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