Marvel Stages Mass Shooting to Announce Season 2 of Punisher

By Kyle MeDaddy
Doesn’t Like Nazis

HOLLYWOOD — In the midst of all the excitement for films such as Avengers Infinity war, Ant Man and the Wasp, and Luke Cage Season 2, marvel studios marketing executive, Michael Pasciullo, thought it would be a great idea to stage a mass shooting to announce the release date for Punisher Season 2. Sadly, the stunt did not get the publicity Pasciullo was looking for.

The plan was to use special effects and several different actors to stage the look of a villian running rampant in time square. Pasciullo had Ben Barnes, who was to return for the role as Billy Russo, played the role of the shooter, in hopes that people would recognize him and know it was a publicity stunt. When the “shooting” began everyone had no idea it was staged and ran screaming in horror and eventually the police were called.

It was believed that all precincts were notified of the event to avoid in complications, but one precinct did not get the memo. From the 38th New York police precinct came five police cars with two officers each. Barnes believing the officers were actors began firing his weapon, filled with blanks, at them. Because of this, police then proceeded to shoot and kill Ben Barnes. It was not until Jon Bernthal, dressed in his punisher armor, yelled from the one of the rooftops, “stop this Russo, it’s me you want!!!” he then looked down and saw his co-star dead in the center of the square. “I said it was a bad idea, but they were telling me everything was taken care of,” Bernthal said with tears for the death of his friend and coworker.

Pasciullo was unable to comment, due to the fact that he is know where to be found. The last person to have contact with him was a coworker who called him to tell him what happened. “When I told him, he seemed like he was in a rush and he told me to tell his family he would be home as soon as all this blows over.” There is a warrant out for Pasciullo, but he is nowhere to be found.

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