10 Year Old Becomes Poster Child for Child Abuse

By Mike Hawk
Pelvis Safety Officer

New Orleans, LA — This past Sunday was the Tag-Team championship Wrestlemania Match. Braun Strowman, a competitor in the in the match on Sunday needed to think fast when he learned that his teammate would be unable to participate. Confident in his own skills, he chose a 10 year old to become his mock partner while he did the heavy lifting within the match. The only issue is, he won. Now Braun Strowman and his 10 year old partner are co-champs in the Wrestlemania tag-team category. This has lit a fire under every wrestler’s heart as they all vowed to de-throne the child.

Roman Reigns – a competitor from Sunday’s competition had this to say. “Oh I’m gonna fuck that kid up. Yuuuup. I said it. I’m gonna fuck him up real bad. You see, wrastlin’ is a man’s sport and I’ll be damned if I let this BOY outshine me on my territory! I’m fucking Roman Reigns bitch!” This response in particular is what prompted an outcry of criticism from Wrestlemania fans and parents alike.

The argument is that the child was only a mock partner and should not be subjected to any further matches. The counter argument however is that Braun is required to have a teammate to hold his title and it does not appear he is going to be letting go of his title anytime soon so the 10 year old is fair game.

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