Rutgers Ranked as Best College for Home Grown Cricket Talent

By Rimond Siddique
Sports Editor

In the latest collegiate cricket rankings, Rutgers who has the number one cricket team in the nation, has also been praised for having the most players on a team to all be from neighboring towns. Out of the 11 full time starters on the team, 7 of them are from neighing New Brunswick town Edison and the other 4 are from the Piscataway part of town that borders Edison.

While most colleges look for cricket talent internationally from places such as the West Indies and South Asia, what Rutgers has done by fielding such a strong cricket team made entirely out of locals has caught the eyes of recruiters across the country.

Many college recruiters now routinely make trips to J.P. Stevens High School in Edison looking to the next big cricket superstar to give a full scholarship to. While cricket is still relatively unknown to most Americans, the rise of immigration from South Asia is to bring the sport more into mainstream American culture.

In the meantime, as Rutgers celebrates it’s great new distinction in the NCAA, it’s now preparing spring training for its new Class of 2022 recruiting class. As Rutgers baseball is still struggling to be relevant, many fans and school athletic directors have hope cricket will be the savior.

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