Rutgers De-registers 20,000 Students in Epic April Fool’s Day Prank

By Mike Hawk
Pelvis Safety Officer

Amidst the recent creative Rutgers memes circulating throughout the entire student body, the University decided it wanted in on the fun. This previous April Fools was definitely one for the books as Rutgers University pulls the ultimate prank of de-registering 20,000 students from one of their core curriculum courses. For many students the change went unnoticed as logging into Sakai on a Sunday is reserved for the procrastination-inclined but for many, the recent change
sent many students into panic. Missing a core requirement is
enough to cause some students to take an extra semester of schooling which we all know does not come cheap.

We were able to come into contact with some of the students who were affected for a word about the issue. 19 year old Dan Hilltop had this to say. “I logged into sakai to check on some announcements for my expos class and then I noticed it wasn’t there. Just poof, completely gone. My parents are going to be furious if I have to stay an extra semester. I honestly don’t think I’ll be allowed back home if I don’t get this sorted out”.

Another student, Soo Yung had this to say “I was de-registered for my general biology class. Without this class I will not be able to become a
doctor. I’m at a loss for words, completely broken. How could something like this happen? How could they be so careless with my future?”

Chip Skylar, a 21 year old Junior with a major in communications did not seem to be as worried as some of his classmates. “To be honest I thought I got kicked out of the class. When I went to check Sakai and noticed a class missing this also just happened to be the class I skipped last Thursday. I mean, it wasn’t actually skipping. Don’t we have that rule where if the professor is 5 minutes late we get to leave or something? I don’t know”.

While Chip doesn’t seem too fazed by the incident the same cannot be said about his classmates. The move does not seem to be a popular one with students and has many of them worried to death. Students have been signing up in droves to attend a meeting with their academic advisor but they seem unable to keep up with the demand.

This was a perfect move for Rutgers to become more in-touch with its student body. It seems as if the administration caught wind of what it means to get RU screwed.

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