Sean Spicer to Teach Public Speaking Classes at Rutgers, According to Email

By Andrew Bluestein

According to an email sent out by Rutgers University officials, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer will teach two public speaking classes in the fall semester of 2018. The email went on to state that Spicer, who resigned from the position in July of last year, will be given the title of adjunct professor. In the email, Rutgers President Robert Barchi said Spicer’s future at the University will be evaluated at the end of the term, and he assured students that Spicer’s political leanings will not impact the course.

“We are excited to add an experienced and respected professional like Sean Spicer to our staff,” Barchi said in the email sent to the entire student body, faculty and staff. “Our public speaking courses are often in high demand. Add two courses taught by a well-known professor will be a benefit to all, and lift the standing of our wonderful University.”

The email, which reached an estimated 50,000 people, acknowledged Spicer resigned from the position of press secretary last July after his relationship with President Donald Trump deteriorated.

“We understand Mr. Spicer resigned from his post in the White House, but that did not deter us in pursuing him to add to our list of faculty,” Barchi said in the email, which most recipients of the email
have read through thoroughly. “We hope our students do not let this deter them from signing up for the course, and instead focus on his accomplishments, including communications director of the Republican National Committee.”

Student reactions to the mass email have been mixed.

“Yeah I don’t really get it,” said junior STEM major Courtney Robertson. “I mean we got this email–we all got this email–so why are you writing a story on something we already know.”

Most students heard of the news last Tuesday, the day University officials sent out the mass email.

“I mean you’re even saying you guys found out via email,” said freshman Ian Christiansen. “That’s such a ridiculous headline. This whole thing is ridiculous. Why are you writing about something we already know? What are you adding?”

The email states Spicer will begin next semester. “We know,” said sophomore July Ray. “Holy shit what kind of paper is this? Who writes an article based on a fucking email? ‘According to email?’ How much damned effort are you putting into this paper? Try harder.”

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