Lingerie Football Team Hailed as Great Milestone for Women’s Equality

By Ivan Yakinoff
Edging it

LOS ANGELES— As the 2017 NFL season comes to a close and people reflect back on the Women’s March, many female fans are looking back at what the great sport has done for women’s rights. The Lingerie Football League, though sneakingly calling themselves The Legends Football League, has received great praise from hardcore feminists all across the country.

“For the longest time in our nation’s history, women were seen as weak and only desired for their sexual prowess, but the Lingerie Football League changes all of that. For once, people now desire women for their great football skills and knowledge and not for
their bodies and looks.” said Margaret Hutchinson, leader of the Florida Flat Earth Feminists coalition. Due to the LFL’s great progress for women’s equality, many have started criticizing the NFL’s annual October breast cancer awareness month campaign where players wear pink as being ineffective and just a grab for money. “The NFL is disgusting. There are real issues women face in our world and all they can do is dress big men in pink?! The LFL is doing the right thing. Because of them women can truly do anything!” said May Grace, local sheltering suburban mom.

To celebrate this great news, the LFL will be bringing Jenny McCarthy to perform the halftime show citing her great work in autism prevention.

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