Used Car Dealership Owner has Great Idea for Used Car Commercial

By Caillou

PISCATAWAY — Doug Danesfeld Jr, owner of Piscataway Auto Sales used car dealership, announced yesterday afternoon that he has a great idea for a used car dealership commercial, according to press sources. Doug, 47, held a press conference dressed in his iconic orange button-down/purple blazer combo to announce his epiphany.

“Let me tell you guys, when this commercial plays on your local ABC station, no one will be able to resist the urge to come on down!” When questioned whether this commercial could ever match Piscataway Auto Sales’ previous commercial, which featured a cameo from previous owner Doug Danesfeld Sr, Doug responded, “I can’t say much, but what I can say is this: Doug. Danesfeld. Sr. Skydancer.”

Citizens of Piscataway have been thrilled with the news of a new used car dealership commercial. Local Piscatan and commercial binge watcher Nelson Jefferson, 48, expressed excitement over the news. “Doug has yet to disappoint. His experimental use of extreme zooms, combined with his love for cowboy-western costume design, helped make his fourth commercial installment a classic in my eyes.”

Local grandma-with-a-blanket-on-her-lap Nancy Dolores, 78, expressed interest in Doug’s recent announcement. “That Doug is just so creative, I don’t know where that young man gets his zany ideas from. Oh I just love those commercials. Did not care for the one where his Taurus played Jesus though; that’s a sin.” According to our sources, Piscataway Used Cars is brainstorming ideas to compete with Piscataway Auto Sales.

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