Stop Interfering with Natural Selection

By Throb Lowe

I don’t care if people are eating tide pods. I don’t want to keep hearing about it. Almost every day I see an artilce on Facebook or Twitter
or something about how more and more people are doing it. Did you catch the key word there? If you missed it, it was people. Not kids.
This isn’t just about keeping kids from getting into chemicals, this is about legal adults who are eligible to vote voluntarily comsuming
fucking laundry detergent. Why are we spending time on this? News Flash: dumb people do dumb shit. We should be letting people
eat these things! If an adult is dumb enough to eat a tide pod for likes on instagram, maybe we should just let those people do it. Look,
evolution will always find a way to progress, and that includes the dying off of the weaker competitors. You’ve heard of survival of the
fittest right? Eating tide pods definitely disqualifies an individual from being included in “the fittest”. I’m not saying we don’t try to prevent it. Slap a big red label on the package thay says DO NOT EAT and move on with your day. But stop talking about it. Stop making commercials telling me not to eat my laundry detergent. I know not to do that. And if that’s not common sense to someone, well… it’s a jungle out there

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