“Not my Governor!” Chants Erupt as Phil Murphy Acknowledges Central Jersey

By Mike Hawk
Pelivs Safety Officer

EAST RUTHERFORD — The Garden State most recently elected its newest governor, Phil Murphy. At his inaugural address Murphy acknowledged a plethora of things such as: New Jersey’s continuous support of women’s health and Planned Parenthood, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, strengthening gun laws, promoting equal pay for women and most importantly, that Central Jersey does indeed exist. Obviously this was a very polarizing topic for the fairly liberal state and brought together both Democrats and Republicans alike. “Not my governor!” chants could be heard from miles away as protesters took to the streets after Murphy’s address. For those of you who don’t know, the existence of Central Jersey has been hotly debated by those who live in north and south Jersey, and those who claim to live in the area they deem as Central Jersey. The concept of there being a Central Jersey came about because there was a large portion of individuals who live in the middle and feel like they don’t fit the mold of the stereotypical North and South Jerseyan.

Phil Murphy’s rise to stardom and governor could be described as him pandering to those who feel lost in New Jersey. Central Jerseyans often feel neglected and forgotten and then Murphy came around and acknowledged their existence. This of course was enough in itself to gain the support of all those who reside in the area. As for the north and the south, they have both taken breaks from arguing over breakfast sandwiches to take a stand for this more serious issue. The wannabe Phillies of South Jersey and the New York City run-off that is North Jersey cooperated to express their disdain over Murphy’s decision to recognize Central Jersey. If anything is certain about Murphy’s future as governor, it’s that he sure knows how to unite two feuding groups within moments of his term.

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