Local Fool Rich Enough to go Somewhere Warm Goes Skiing Instead

By Throb Lowe
Allergic to Latex

WASHINGTON—Local lunatic Brock McDonald hit the slopes this weekend despite earning a high enough annual income to travel somewhere warm.

McDonald, a 27-year-old Rutgers graduate and software engineer, reported to his friends on Facebook that he would be taking a week off from work to “shred some powder” at a family cabin in New Hampshire. His decision left friends baffled.

Friends of McDonald stated that he began packing for the excursion a week in advance, and has already spent over $800 on a board and goggles alone. That much money could also be used to book an economy class flight for one across the country, or be spent on a balls-to-the-wall week in Cancun.

McDonald’s leave from work has been planned for the second week in January, when temperatures in New Hampshire regularly drop to below zero. Meteorologists at University of New Hampshire in Durham predict that snowfall will increase by then after a late start to the winter.

“When I asked where he was going for vacation and he told me up North to ski, I thought he was kidding” said McDonald’s boss, Randy Shartner, at the software development company he works for. “I just can’t put together why he’d go somewhere cold for a winter vacation. We just gave the guy a bonus fit for a luxury cruise like a month ago.”

At press time, McDonald was spotted at a local sporting goods store buying a $578 pair of professional quality snow pants and customized carbon fiber ski poles instead of spending his money on being warm and comfortable.

He was last spotted purchasing carbon fiber ski poles and a $578 pair of professional grade snow pants at a local sporting goods store.

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