Dumbass Kid Talks About Explosions in Airport

By Mel Nora
Half on Fire

NEW YORK— On Dec. 12, at J.F.K airport, 15-year-old David Bellrose tried explaining a hydrogen bomb to a 62 year old TSA employee, Tim. Bellrose wanted to tell Tim about how explosions happen.

“It, it, it goes up into the sky and then it it goes all the way up into the sky and it it it um it and so it all the way it goes up into the sky. And then it goes boooooom and everybody goes to jail.”

Apparently this isn’t the first time Bellrose has been caught speaking to airport employees about subjects that are very much not appropriate for that setting, including terrorism and sneaking in water bottles that are over 40 fluid ounces.

The TSA employee seemed to not be listening to a word the kid was saying until he saw his supervisor. Tim then started asking Bellrose, “Have you ever seen an explosion like that? Do you want to see an explosion that big? Are you planning on releasing an explosion today sir?”

Bellrose started nodding his head and smiling in the affirmative. Bellrose is now detained in a TSA holding cell while ringing his hands and telling a story about the atom bomb to no-one.

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