Madea Movies You Didn’t Know Existed Because Tyler Perry Has Beaten This Idea to Death and Because They Went Straight to DVD and Who Has a DVD Player Anymore?

1. Madea Goes to Madea: A Madea Madea
2. A Very Madea Hanukkah: Shabbat Shalom Bitches!
3. Wham! Madea Punches a Nazi in the Face
4. Oops! Madea Loses a Baby: Finds Another One!
5. Madea Goes to the Zoo: Has Okay Time
6. Shamu! Madea Gets a Job at SeaWorld
7. Madea Comes Out of the Closet: Moves to Under the Bed
8. Tyler Perry vs. Madea: A Fight to the Death
9. Madea Renews Her Contract: Here Till 2024!
10. Contract’s Up: Madea Runs for President!
11. AHHH! Madea Goes Rogue: Kills Entire Family 2!
12. Madea Checks into a Mental Institution
13. I’m Out Bitches!: Madea Checks out of Mental Insti2tion
14. Madea Gets Breast Cancer: Reevaluates Some of Her Life Decisions
15. RIP Madea: A Tribute
16. Sike! Madea’s Back and Better? Than Ever!
17. The End of an Era: Madea Gets Hit by A Bus!

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