Girl Breaks Internet by Posting Update on Post Grad Plans

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Has No Future

NEW BRUNSWICK—On Monday night, college senior Meghan Tulson stopped the world with her Earth-shattering Facebook post about her post-graduate plans. Posted at 7:43 pm, the status read:

“So excited to announce that I will be continuing my journey to become a children’s speech pathologist at Montclair State University :)”. Within 5 minutes the post had practically broken the Internet.

“There was so much traffic on this one post,” said Facebook representative Don Nelson.

“Our servers just couldn’t handle all of the likes and comments! We had to shut the site down for about ten minutes until the server rebooted.”

In the initial five minutes the post had amassed 113 likes and 47 comments that ranged from “congrats!” to full essays by one overly expressive aunt who just knew that Meghan was going to be working with children even when she was just a baby. meghan.png

“I’m just so overwhelmed,” said Tulson’s Facebook friend Carol Sanchez. “I haven’t talked or even thought about Meghan since high school but dammit if I wasn’t excited to hear about her post-graduate plans!”

Other estranged and forgotten friends seemed to share the same sentiments. Multiple sources stated how they’ve just been on the edge of their seats waiting to hear Tulson’s plans.

The post continued to generate attention for the next 24 hours. By the end of Tuesday the post had 1,207 likes and 304 comments. This just barely surpassed her post from four years prior which detailed her acceptance to Rutgers University.

Tulson graciously responded to comments by liking posts and writing multiple “Thank you so much!” comments.

The Medium will continue to stay on top of Tulson’s plans and will provide further updates as to how her new house, dog, and eventual new boyfriend are.

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