Those with AIDs who have sex, donate blood do not have to disclose disease

Since the mid-twentieth century, HIV/AIDS has killed about 39 million people. However, despite the prevalence of the disease, few people are often informed about it. HIV is a virus that affects the immune system by attacking vital cells, allowing the body to become progressively more vulnerable to infections. Over time, HIV can lead to the disease known as AIDS, which is the eighth leading cause of death for people between the ages of 25 and 34. The effects of this awful diseases are not lost on anyone, and despite what some may believe, the Senate is not trying to dampen the seriousness of this disease. While state lawmakers may be trying to pass a law that would decrease the criminalization of those who are afflicted with the disease and have unprotected sex without disclosing, it is ridiculous to think that this issue is being “downplayed.”

Let’s start with this: when a person donates blood they are usually given a series of short tests to check their iron levels, as well as checking to see if the donor is ill. Despite this, there are certain things that cannot be detected immediately, including HIV/AIDS. Therefore, while a person may be allowed to donate blood that very day, it does not always mean that blood may be used. So I will spell this out. The fucking Red Cross does not just accept blood and then give it Johnny from the Block without testing it. Donated blood is always tested for disease.

Here’s another thing, it is going to be a misdemeanor to infect someone with the disease. But can we think about the fact that HIV can remain latent for years after the initial exposure. SO yes, it is wrong to knowingly infect someone with such a life-threatening disease, but not every case is so black and white. Also, the Senate is just a lot fucking smarter than some college journalists, ok?

Honestly, I am just way too annoyed to even continue. I know my rant doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I am being passionate!!! Fuck you guys, fuck anyone who disagrees with me. I hate you all.

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