Rutgers to Introduce New “D” Bus Route

BY Shitman Jim Henson
Trash Writer

Rutgers University has decided to add a new transportation route to their bus system. This route will be represented by the letter D and will go between Cook/Douglass and College Ave. Although there is already a F bus which goes between Cook/Douglass and College Ave, the D route will be going around the opposite way, with it’s first stop being College Hall and then going around the campus until it’s last stop at Red Oak Lane. The route will be including almost all of the stops the F bus does with some changes since there are parts of Cook that are only accessible through one way streets. One example would be after Henderson the route would continue straight to get onto 18 then enter Cook from the back of the farm and then go down College Farm Rd to drop students across from the Food Sciences Building.

This comes after communication between the student government board, RUSA, and the board of governors. The issue came to light after a survey done by RUDOTS about the transportation system at Rutgers. The survey exposed how students felt the bus system was failing and often creating more problems for students than it was solving. In response, RUDOTS hired more bus drivers and rented more buses, but the burden on students was still felt. Being aware of this RUSA decided to take it upon themselves to help solve the problem. They arranged various meetings with not only Barchi but other key members of the Rutgers transportation department to discuss how the creation of a new bus would affect the student body. RUSA had reportedly raised the issue of creating a new bus or additional route last April but specifics about implications were still fuzzy.

Maybe the D stands for Donkey Kong? GIRL WITH NICE HAIR / STAFF PHOTOSHOPPER

After almost of year of planning and budgeting, it seems there has finally been an agreement. Rutgers has agreed to take money that was going towards a new turf field and instead use it to implement the new route. Reports say the new route would cost the school a little under $5,000. This may seem like a small amount of money but RUSA had a solution for that as well. In place of buses, which require gas and drivers, the students will be given huge tandem bikes that can seat up to 30 people. These bikes will not only be eco-friendly but will promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle among students.

According to a representative from RUSA the bikes will be structured in a regular car like fashion, except there would be no walls, windows, tires, or motors, just pedals and seats.
The official announcement for the new route is set to come around after graduation, to ease the imminent jealousy of the recent graduates.

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