Rutgers Replacing Au Bon Pain With a Bus Stop

Grind All
Safety Officer

NEW BRUNSWICK— At the end of 2016 Rutgers University decided not to renew their contract with Au Bon Pain leaving the lot on College Ave vacant. After a couple months of construction it has finally come out that Rutgers will be replacing the spot with another bus spot.

This decision comes after a long deliberation period between Barchi and student government representatives. While there had been rumors circulating about a Panera taking over the space it has now been confirmed that the space will be a bus spot.

“SAFE SPACE” STOP A look into what the new bus stop is rumored to look like

Representatives from the student government announced this news this past Monday. Their reasoning behind this seems to be the excessive amount of people that need a bus between the front of the gym and past the student center. This need comes from multiple factors that exist between the gym and directly past the student center the main one being the amount of Greek life organizations that park their fake “generous” asses outside of Brower and the student center to ask other students, who are even poorer than them, for money.

“Yeah we’ve just been getting so many complaints about Greek life organizations harassing students for money that is supposedly ‘for the kids’ that we decided to just give students a way to get around this” said President Barchi.

The bus stop is reportedly going to be called “Safe Space” representing the area that will now be free of frats and sororities.

Representatives from different Greek organizations have called the new bus stop “a bus stop for pussies” and “like so rude” but these protests have fallen on deaf ears.

“We just really don’t care, I mean Greek life? It’s not like we kiss their asses like they’re the Gods and Goddesses of Rutgers!” said Barchi. “We treat them just like normal students.”

Reports say Greek organizations are planning a protest but until then the Safe Space is here to stay.

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