Graduate Transfer Really Stoked to Play for Rutgers, Third Choice

BY Maximum Powers
Dropped as a Child

NEW BRUNSWICK— Earlier this week, Miami running back Gus Edwards announced he will be transferring to Rutgers for his final college season in 2017. Edwards, who was rated as the number one fullback back in 2013, will now join the likes of that guy who goes to your dance class once a month and the guy who was handed a free C in his biology class.

MOVING TO REDDER PASTURES Gus Edwards reflecting on his ill-advised choice to play for Rutgers

“Yup, it’s real great that I get to play for Rutgers instead of literally any other school,” Edwards told the Medium. “I just cannot wait to join the excellence that is Rutgers’ football. I do not feel like my talent will be wasted at all.”

While Edwards did choose to play at Rutgers, it was not his first choice in school. The running back was denied entry into Syracuse and Pittsburgh after Miami forbade him from going to play at schools that actually had a chance of beating Miami.

Of the six schools on this list, Edwards had picked Rutgers due to his proximity to his home of Staten Island.

“I’m trying to look at the bright side. Sure I did not get to go to my top two schools, but at least here I can just go home on the weekends,” noted Edwards.

“It’s not like I never wanted to go to this school. I remember back when Rutgers recruited me after high school, but all it did then was only make me want to go literally anywhere else. God, how did it come to this?”

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