NASA Plans to Land on Mark by 2050

Simulated image of astronaut planting American flag on Mark

BY Jimbo Frugaloop

WASHINGTON D.C.- NASA has officially announced Tuesday at 9:30 AM that they plan on finally putting a man on Mark by the year 2050. The exciting news was posted on NASA’s official twitter account, along with the accompanied simulated image of the event seen here. While many believe this goal to be impractical, engineers at NASA are remaining optimistic, and promise to be hard at work these coming years in order to make this dream a reality. While the benefits that Mark promises are not resource heavy, the achievement would be a huge feat in the history of mankind. NASA hopes this project could provide insight into means of reaching further out bodies such as Juniper and Stan, and perhaps in the near future we may even see human colonies residing on these beautiful and mysterious objects. More news sure to follow in the upcoming months.

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