Tinder Scavenger Hunt


BY Girl Who Likes Brower

If you’re anything like my homely and endlessly horny guy friend that has a Tinder, it hasn’t born much fruit except for a few weird “first-dates” that ended in awkward forced kisses or total embarrassment at the the fact that despite countless matches, each time you plan to hookup with someone, they appear to be the exact opposite of their profile in person and you just can’t seem to get *it* up. If this doesn’t seem like you, that’s also okay, but I have an alternative use for Tinder anyway.

Cue the Tinder Scavenger Hunt. Now this activity is not for the meek, you have to have a spirit of adventure and a commitment to the unknown. What you do is open Tinder and set the geographical radius to the smallest possible: 1 mile (it helps to be in a densely populated area with open access to buildings in the area, or a large outdoor area without many obstructions). Then choose your people of interest: guys, girls, both, etc. Then let the fun begin, it doesn’t matter if they swipe back or not, you just need to find people in a close enough radius that you can just track them down.

My favorite is spotting a nearby person and just hiding and whispering their name out loud until they hear it and become very confused. That’s when I run away and find my next victim. I don’t recommend you do anything too crazy to the people you find, but this is a great technique to “organically” meet someone that didn’t match with you on Tinder, but that you know would match with you in real life.

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