Trump Closes Borders To Muslims Without 10:1 Ratio

Does the Wrong Thing

WASHINGTON, D.C.— This past week President Trump announced his plan to halt immigration from several countries who’s common trait is their belief in Islam. Upon this announcement Trump faced serious backlash from a majority of the country sparking protests across the country. Following advice from his advisers Trump has agreed to modify his plan to allow Muslims from the countries in but only if they can pull a ratio of 10:1. trumpratio.png

“This is a great plan,” said Trump in a press conference addressing his new plan. “This is the greatest plan America has ever seen in regards to immigration. I can see it now. Tons and tons of hot women coming in to our country.”

Trump, barely addressing the other sex, briefly stated that he was still against Muslims as they were totally all terrorists but the hot ones were cool in his book.

“Its ratio or nothing. None of that ‘throwing 5s’ bullshit, we want 10 hot, and I mean hot women coming in here,” he continued on.

How this policy will be enacted has not been decided but it will interesting to see how Trumps plan to objectify women for personal gain will bode in a country comprised of 50% women.


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