Parallels Between Childhood Games and Adult Life

BY Latin Mama

Don’t ask me how this idea ever popped into my head, but I recently began to realize that a lot of similarities exist between our favorite childhood games and our now (sort-of) adult lives. Take a walk down memory lane with The Medium as we explain the grown-up version of some of your childhood favs!

HUNGRY-HUNGRY HIPPOS: This is essentially how 90% of guys make-out (Ladies, you can vouch for this). Maybe they played this game so much as a kid that they’ve subconsciously fixated on it? (*Insert perverted Freudian theory here*)

HIDE-AND- SEEK: The adult parallel to this game would be that all-too familiar game we females have to play when hiding from a creepy guy at the bar. The only differences here are that the stakes are muuuuuuch higher than when you were a kid (God forbid he actually finds you…).

SOCKEM’ BOPPERS: This childhood fav, which was undeniably “more fun than a pillow fight,” was the only time you and your siblings were actually permitted to relentlessly beat the shit out of each other with inflatable hands (Nice going, Hasbro©). This game is vaguely reminiscent of an all-to- familiar Easton bar fight. Come to think of it, having Sockem’ Boppers on-hand at bars would not only minimize injuries, but would also be a hell of a lot more entertaining!

TWISTER: An adult version of this already exists, it’s called an orgy.

MAGIC-8 BALL: This toy was the tits when you were younger, admit it. How else were you going to know if Conor was ever gonna grow the balls (literally) to ask you to the 6th grade dance?! The adult parallel of this game is our futures themselves, because at this point, we have just as good of a chance of knowing what road we’re going down as shaking an $8.99 + S&H ball full of blue dye.

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