What Does Your Poop Say About You?

By Nifty Knitter

As I learned from my favorite inspirational youth novel, everybody poops. But, everyone has there own style and flair that makes each bowel movement unique. Just step in a public bathroom, let the buffet of aromas tickle your nose, and see what your shit says about you.

Long & snaky-You are spontaneous and adventurous. Your healthy shit proves that your crazy lifestyle is totally okay.

Dark & pebbly-You are a hard-core (pun-intended) person who means business. You are a persistent person, even when it comes to your crap. Even if it’s not ready to come out, you’ll force it out. I applaud your tenacity to not take any crap.

Soft & creamy-You are a sensuous being. Just like you turn your lover to mush, so does your shit.

Yellowish/Green-You are a chameleon. Just like your poop, you change your personality to fit the situation. You can be fun and flirty or serious.

I don’t poop-You need help. Talk out your feelings with someone and take some Miralax.
*Disclaimer*: Some of these descriptions may be a load of crap.

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