Dog Disappointed to Find Out Owner Has Only Two Nipples

Jon Galt
Resident Old Dude

NEW BRUNSWICK–The Seeing Eye Puppy Club has found worldwide fame with the creation of a viral video. The video accumulated nearly 15-million views in the first five hours.

In the video, a pup named Sparky saunters into his owner’s bedroom. The owner, a woman named Kelsie Callahan, and her boyfriend, Michael Minzetti, were in the throes of filming a passionate home video together at the time. When purebred pug Sparky climbs onto the bed and into the shot, his reaction is adorably priceless.

The video, shot from a first-person perspective, shows Sparky yipping, concerned about his owner’s bare chest. Callahan quickly covers herself and the dog turns to Minzetti, sniffing his torso just below the chest inquisitively. The couple posted an edited video to YouTube under the title Dog learns owner has only two nipples.

OH SHIT Sparky really fucking disappointed that his owners only have two nipples

“We’re really glad to have this public presence now,” explains Callahan, “because the Club has received small donations and has been contacted by IAMS for a dog food sponsorship.” Callahan is a senior School of Arts and Sciences student who has been involved with the school’s puppy raising club for three years. She hopes this video will be awareness to all dogs to help them better understand the differences between humans and animals.

Minzetti, whose body is featured prominently in the video, told reporters, “I expected to post this on a more mature site but I’m pleased by the popularity of this one. I don’t think my amateur porn could have been even half as successful. And definitely nowhere near as cute.”

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