I Don’t Know Why I’m Failing!

BY Owen the Freshmanbabysawyer

My teacher should be fired! What a complete asshole. Imagine this, I haven’t done any homework this semester because its only 15% of your grade. So naturally I was a little behind: no big deal right? I’ll just miss class and say I was sick and take the make up test. Wrong! My teacher said I didn’t have any official excuse and isn’t letting me. She’s being seriously unfair you know? I mean all things considered I should just get a decent grade; I’m paying all of this money–well my parents are actually–either way I should just get a decent grade automatically. It gets even worse too; I failed my expos essay again just because it was one page less than the 4 page minimum requirement. It’s like the other 3 pages don’t even matter! I figure I should get at least a 75% on it since I have 3 out of the 4 pages but my teacher isn’t accepting any of it. I lost the syllabus too so there’s no way I could’ve known about the 4 page requirement. I keep trying to send the principal an email but I can’t find him online, it’s like this dumb school doesn’t even have one.

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