Tiffany Trump Makes Her Acting Debut

BY Barbara Notwalters
Angry Brown Girl

LOS ANGELES — Tiffany Trump, the oft-forgotten youngest daughter of Marla Maples and presidential nominee Donald Trump, is making a name for herself. In an effort to finally get some attention from her father, Tiffany is making her acting debut in “The Ovarian Office.” The film, a gross spoof about the President’s office, will have Tiffany playing the starring role, her father’s political rival in this election, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“My dad, and pretty much the rest of the world, always forgets out me. Everyone talks about Ivanka and how beautiful and talented she is, but now it’s my turn to shine, and swallow,” the younger Trump told The Medium.

Trump was first approached by Vivid Entertainment after her powerful speech at this year’s Republic National Convention. Trump says she was surprised, but honored.

“I’ve never really thought about doing adult films, but I always hear people saying that I have ‘a face made for porn,’ so I figured, why not? And to get to play Hillary Clinton, as a feminist, I feel very proud. I hope to do her justice.”

DO YOU LOVE ME YET, DADDY? Tiffany Trump is doing a great job at getting rammed from behind

Upon hearing this news, members of the GOP exploded in rage, stating that seeing the daughter of their nominee act in a pornographic film is “disgusting, and shameful.”

However, sources say that this is due in large part that it is Tiffany Trump who is doing porn, and not Ivanka.

“Come on, it’s bad enough that we have to endure an embarrassing loss in this election, but now we get a porn starring a Trump, and it’s not even the hot one? At the very least, she could have played Ivanka in the film but no, she’s playing Crooked Hillary! Fuck this job, I quit,” said RNC Chairman Reince Preibus.

There is currently no word on how Donald Trump is handling the news of his daughter’s new career, but he is likely burying his head in shame—in Ivanka’s lap.

The film is set to debut on PornHub on November 8th, during live coverage of Election Day.

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