Cowboys Fans Eagerly Await Tony Romo’s Return

BY Hugh G. Rection
Penis Analyst

DALLAS—As the Dallas Cowboys, led by rookie quarterback Dak Prescott, coasted to yet another victory, fans could not help but await the return of “franchise” quarterback Tony Romo. Fans of the division-leading Cowboys are eagerly looking forward to a couple of weeks from now when the paper-skinned and glass-boned $18 million Romo returns to the lineup. When The Medium’s representatives took the streets to see what real Cowboys fans had to say, they were not disappointed. “Yeah, Dak Prescott may be playing really well and may have led Dallas to a 5-1 record, but the team would definitely be doing better with Tony [Romo]. It’s great that Dallas’s amazing owner, Jerry Jones, guaranteed Tony his starting spot the second that he gets back from yet another injury.” These were the words of Gerald Jonas, confirmed real Cowboys fan.

“We need the Cowboys to bring back Romo. That guy just looks like a great white quarterback; he is far better than that mulatto guy.” were the choice words of one Texan by the name of Ken Paxton. Paxton went on to endorse Romo by not talking about football at all, stating that “Prescott is probably one of them illegal aliens, and I don’t think that he belongs on America’s team.”

Reports indicate that Cowboys fans do not care about having a quarterback who will finally win games and will not get injured every time he gets hit on the field. Instead, they just want Tony Romo back on the field. It seems that the bright, shining light that is Dak Prescott’s 2016 performance just is not white enough for Dallas fans.

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