Top Five Rutgers Sports Scandals

In light of Rutgers’ Athletic Director Pat Hobbs’ recent chug heard round the world, The Medium looked into the Rutgers’ infamous history with sports scandals. Out of the many to choose from, here are the top five sports scandals at The Birthplace of College Football:

5. In a practice video released by a disgruntled former assistant coach, head basketball coach Mike Rice is caught throwing basketballs at his players in a real faggy way.

4. Sophomore wide receiver William Gladstone catches 3 touchdowns for Phi Delta Theta in a Keller League game against Theta Chi but does not use this feat to slide into mad poonani, as required by league rules.

3. Rutgers football defeats Penn State 21-16 in one of the largest upsets of the 1988 season but is unable to apprehend enabler of child rape Joe Paterno, thus allowing 15 more years of abuse under his watch.

2. Some guy hits a cricket ball, which is really fucking hard, into a jogger’s leg at Buccleuch Park.

1. During the 2015 season, multiple Scarlet Knight football players and head coach Kyle Flood are suspended for a variety of reasons, which could’ve been easily overlooked by students, fans and boosters alike if the team didn’t go 4-8.

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