Obscure YouTube Movie Review of the Week

BY Latin Mama

So if you’re like me and are too cheap to buy Netflix, fear not—YouTube’s got your back with a wide selection of obscure films to choose from! I mostly watch Spanish movies (besides the occasional PornHub flick, of course). My most recent YouTube endeavor, “Igualita a mí” (“Just like me,” in English) was most definitely worth the hour and 52 minutes of my time—and I’ll tell you why!

Fredy, a single, forty-something businessman by day/partyboy by night goes into the club and begins hitting on this younger woman, Aylín. He accidentally spills his drink on her and convinces her to come back to his apartment. Once they get there, he puts on some romantic music and dims the lights (¡ay ay ay!), right before he grabs her and starts kissing her neck. Right at that precise moment, Aylín pulls an old photograph out of her
pocket—in the photo is Fredy along with Aylín’s mom. She then says that there is a 33.333% chance that Fredy is her father. I could not have thought of a better time to tell a man he may be my father than when he is giving me a hickey! I almost lost my shit right then and there, but things got spicier. They go to a paternity clinic….and, drumroll please….old Spanish club-goer, YOU ARE THE FATHER (**a la Maury Povich**)! And….the daughter is pregnant! Then the doctor makes some perverted, painfully-disturbing joke about the father being both the grandfather and the father of the girl’s baby. Turns out he’s not, THANK GOD.

If you want to hear some incredibly uncomfortable jokes about incest, or just think Spanish accents are sexy (which they ARE), I highly recommend this film!

Overall rating: 33.333 stars

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