10 Jewish Foods to Honor the Jewish New Year

BY Bubbe Rose

1. Gefilte fish: it’s multiple kinds of mashed up fish formed into large blobs

2. Cow tongue: you can find it at your local jewish deli-ask for the tip

3. Chopped liver: we Jews are very resourceful

4. Matzah: it’s like crackers without any of the flavor

5. Borscht-cold: beet soup-what part doesn’t sound appetizing?

6. Kishkeh: stuffed cow intenstine-like sausage, but gross

7. Kugel: a delicious noodle casserole, either sweet or savory

8. Blintzes: all kinds of fruits or cheeses wrapped in a flavorless pastry dough

9. Bagels and lox: nothing like really salty fish with my bagel and cream cheese

10. Matzah balls: okay, these are delicious, a great excuse to be sick is a bowl full of grandma’s matzah ball soup

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