NFL Player Get in Trouble for Doing Things

BY Concerned Individual
Usually Concerned

New York—Rashaad Johnson was fined for doing very inappropriate things yesterday morning. The NFL anticipating a lot of blowback from this incident released a statement regarding the issue.

“Rashaad Johnson was immediately fined after his actions came to light. Rashaad knows very well that what he did is deeply prohibited by the rules of the NFL. These rules are put in place so that the image of the league is not tarnished by the actions of it’s players. We hope Rashaad issues an apology stating what he has done was absolutely wrong, insuring the league, and everyone else that it will never happen again.”

We reached out to Rashaad for a statement and he had this to say.

“I am very sorry about my actions recently. The things I have done were of poor and ill judgement and I can firmly say that it will never happen again. I only ask that the league, my teammates, and everyone else I have hurt can find the strength in their hearts to forgive me. Thank you.”

Rashaad seems to be deeply remorseful following his heinous actions of referring to his sandwich as ‘Taylor Ham’.

The public can only hope he learnes his lesson and refers to the sandwich as it’s correct term ‘Pork roll’ from now on.

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