Woman Changes Her Vote Because of Friend’s Facebook Post

BY Grind All

BOSTON- Sources report that a local Massachusetts woman, Sally O’Connell, decided to change her vote for the President of the United States after she saw a friend from high school’s compelling Facebook post after the debate on Monday.

“I watched the debate but I waited until I checked my Facebook feed to make my decision. I knew my Facebook friends, regardless of their knowledge on the nation, had my back and would totally tell me in an unbiased manner what went on in the debate” said O’Connell in a statement to the press.

While watching the debate O’Connell understood all the issues that were brought up and even had multiple conversations with the people around her about the policies each candidate was proposing. She reportedly waited until the debate was over and then took to Facebook to see what all her friends from high school, who she hasn’t talked to in 20 years, thought about the candidates.

“Midway through the debate I really liked Hillary, just through my own opinion. She’s talking about raising taxes on the rich which I really believe in” said O’Connell who spent a majority of her time in college on the student government.

After the debate O’Connell opened Facebook and began reading the posts from her friends.

“I saw posts from friends that were lawyers, doctors, even politicians but it was a friend from high school. I haven’t seen in probably 20 years and I don’t think they ever left our state. Actually I don’t think they ever left our small town. But boy do they know how to throw around convincing words like ‘evil’, ‘idiot’, ‘stupid’, and ‘bitch’. It really changed my mind”

After reading this particular post O’Connell’s whole outlook on the election changed.

“To hell with my own opinion which was formulated through critical thinking! This guy’s 5th grade language and use of an Odyssey article has completely changed my mind on the matter.”

O’Connell would like to thank her old friend from high school for publicly displaying their opinion, that no one asked for, in attempt to insert themselves in a conversation that they know virtually nothing about.

This is the first reported case of someone changing his or her vote after reading a Facebook post, but reports from across the country show many following O’Connell’s lead.

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