Adrian Peterson Beaten by Son

Not Peterson’s Son
Loves Children

MINNESOTA-The Minnesota Vikings squeezed out a 17-14 home win Sunday night the against division rival Green Bay Packers. However, this victory was not without sacrifice.
It was reported Monday that Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson suffered a torn meniscus in the game, which could greatly impact the Minnesota’s future as a top contender.

This is not the only time Peterson has been in the news. In 2014 Peterson was suspended for a full season after it came to light that he had badly beaten his 4 year old son.
The coaches became skeptical of his injury after it was revealed that the trainers do not think it was an on-field injury. An investigation was launched into the matter, which proved his 6-year-old son decided to get revenge on papa Peterson. When reached for a comment, Peterson had this to say.

“This has been going on for months. I don’t know what’s come over him. I’ve apologized multiple times but he… he just won’t leave me alone.”

This is clearly very tough time for Peterson. The principal at Peterson’s son’s school has officially suspended him from all after school activities and forbade him from participating from snack time after these accusations have come to light. Hopefully America can forgive him and let his father heal from this horrifying experience that will probably scar him for life.

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