How to Get that Cute Grocery Store Employee to Notice You

BY Latin Mama

So not that we’re totally “grown-ups” who do adult things like food shopping, you’re gonna need to know how to properly hit on that hottie supermarket employee. But let’s be honest…their standards are probably really low, so you really shouldn’t have any trouble…but follow these foolproof tips just in case!

 Knock over merchandise “accidentally.” And I’m not talking one box of cereal…go big or go home and dramatically tip over the lobster tank or pyramid of Charmin Extra Strong. This way, they’ll have to take a loooong-ass time to pick everything up…a.k.a. more time to talk to you 😉 Clean-up in Aisle “my pants”, am I right?

 Slip over a grape. Desperate measure, I know, but it’s guaranteed to work. Not only will your crush rush to your rescue, but you may also be able to sue the store and pay your tuition! Extra points for bleeding profusely.

 Only use credit cards with chips at the check-out. With how long it takes for your credit card chip to process, you could meet your crush, fall in love, and even plan your wedding. Great story to tell the grandkids!

 Loudly ask where they keep the XL Magnum Condoms. If you’re a male, then she’ll know that you have a huge, Ron Jeremy-esque (ewwww) cock, and if you’re a gal…then he knows that you only fuck (literally) wit da best! Win-win either way.

 Profess your undying love for him/her over the store’s loudspeaker. If it works for people in the movies, why couldn’t it work for you?! However, take caution because this ballsy move runs the risk of you getting hauled off by the cops…but this will make you seem reckless, and therefore, sexy (at least to people with daddy issues)!

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