Hillary Clinton Delivers Speech Day After Chemotherapy

BY Not Joe Biden
Not the Vice President

CLEVELAND—After undergoing her first round of chemotherapy for her recently diagnosed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL), Hillary Clinton gave a composed, yet admittedly shaky speech. The former Secretary of State’s disheveled appearance startled the crowd, which had no  prior knowledge of her recent diagnosis. Her supporters showed huge admiration for  her returning to the campaign trail so quickly. Coughing and shaking at points in her speech, Clinton’s overall positive attitude made her supporters forget about her illness and refocus on her message. “This country is at a crossroads, and if my recent bout with illness has taught me anything, it is that we can overcome anything if we trust one another, support each other, and embrace each other’s unique differences,” said a resolute Clinton, who managed to stop only thrice to cough up blood into a handkerchief during her speech.

NOTHING WILL HOLD HER BACK Clinton doesn’t look too hot; we would all agree with that.

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