Genre is a Social Construct, Man.

BY Bernie Rollins

Fuck this patriarchal local scene in New Brunswick. These goddamn Gene Simmons supporters need to wrap their heads around this one simple thing, and that’s that genre is a fucking social construct.

My own band, Hammer and Shtick, personally defines as genre fluid, so we don’t conform to society’s archaic views of music like psych folk and deathcore. Let me make this perfectly clear; THERE ARE MORE GENRES THAN JUST ROCK AND INDIE ACOUSTIC. And even if you’re a rock band, that doesn’t mean you can’t listen to contemporary reggae fusion. Fuck what the man says; don’t let others define your music.

So next time you and your band play a basement show, don’t be that close-minded cuck who still listens to Dave Mustaine. Ask the other bands what their preferred genres are, and call them by that, whether it’s “rock” or “progressive vegan dance hall.” It’s not that fucking hard dickheads.

Fuck Trump.


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