Milkshakes Bring all the Boys to RUs The Yard

BY Devin Coco

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ- Students reported an unusually large gathering of boys at the new Rutgers dorm, The Yard, on Saturday. Witnesses say it may have been because of the free milkshakes the new dorm building was giving out to students.

milkshakeSchool officials say that RUPA was giving out free milkshakes to the new students in the Yard as well as any Rutgers students nearby before the boys came and took it over.
“It was honestly really weird”, said one witness. “I was walking from Barnes and Noble and just saw this mass of boys walking towards the Yard. They were walking like zombies. They didn’t even seem to be together.”

Once the boys were there they didn’t disperse but rather just hung around the Yard sipping milkshakes, or simply just standing there.

A local student reporter tried to ask some of the men why they were there and they simply answered with a flat tone, “It’s better than yours.”

It is unclear if after this event Rutgers will be bringing milkshakes back to the Yard anytime soon.

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