Sam Bradford Throws Fit, Takes Ball and Goes Home

BY Stephen A. Smiff
Giving Up Soon

PHILADELPHIA—Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford was seen on video gathering every single football at practice Monday and storming out of the facility.

Bradford’s temper tantrum was likely in reaction to the Eagles trading up to the second overall pick in the NFL Draft, where they will likely draft a quarterback.

Not wanting to be replaced, Bradford was heard on tape screaming “that’s not fair!” and “if I can’t play then nobody else can.” as he rolled around on the field throwing his cleats and helmet at Eagles staff.

Bradford signed a two-year contract in the offseason, but trading up in the draft shows the Eagles are not confident in the ability of their oft-injured quarterback.

The 28-year-old former Heisman Trophy winner out of the University of Oklahoma was also seen throwing all of the practice footballs he took into his trunk, getting into his car and speeding off.

“He said he was going home,” said Eagles running back Darren Sproles. “He was like, ‘This is dumb! I don’t wanna! Everyone just leave me alone, I’m going to my room,’ and all us player were just like what the fuck. Pretty weird shit, honestly. He’s a grown-ass man and he’s out here throwing fits.”

SADFORD Bradford reportedly shut out all his teammates and angrily ran out of practice. Nobody knows when he will return.

As of today, Bradford still refuses to pick up his phone or come to the door, and can be heard saying “I’m not here” when a visitor knocks and asks to come in.

In his visit, backup quarterback Chase Daniel was heard saying, “Sam, I know you’re in there, that’s totally you saying,” to which Bradford was heard replying, “no it’s not.”

Bradford’s agent recently told reporters his client is taking personal time and just needs his space.

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