A Generic Love Letter

BY Krupa Troop

Shout out to THE man of my dreams.
You have been my rock since day one and are always only a phone call or text message away!
Talking to you always makes me feel better
I think it’s truly magical that you can roll your eyes when I talk but still listen to me wholeheartedly when I talk.
You hold my ass in public in the same respectable fashion that you hold my hand.
I can always count you to be there for me in my time of peril aka when I’m sad about something silly.
You always know the right thing to say and help me forget about my problems by teaching me to ignore them like you do! I love the way you eat all 8 slices of pizza because you don’t want me to gain weight and feel bad about myself later.
I also love the way you’re always talking to other girls because you want to help me find new friends who I share similar interests with!
You even let me do your math homework because you want me to get extra practice in!!!
You are too kind to me.
Idk what I would do without you! Love you oodles!!!!
#mancrushmonday #mcm #bae #ilovehimmorethantacos

-said every basic bitch to her man crush Monday aka boyfriend who does the minimal boyfriend things and more backhanded shit than most boyfriends do.

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