Rutgers to Pilot Mandatory Expos II Requirement



By Adam Romatowski
Business Manager

Following a recent study on GRE testing scores across Rutgers, the School of Arts and Sciences has announced plans to pilot a new core curriculum centered around helping students prepare for future graduate careers. The study, conducted by Rutgers Office of Research and Sponsored Programs in partnership with the American Educational Research Association (AERA), focuses around the Analytical Writing and Verbal Reasoning sections of the GRE, and compares former Rutgers yearly averages with those of other schools in the Big10 along with PAC10 and Ivy League schools. The findings showed that despite producing strong Verbal Reasoning scores, Rutgers students ranked below comparable schools in terms of Analytical Writing, ranking only above the University of Oregon and Indiana University.

With these finding, the University Senate leaders along with Karen R. Stubaus, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Administration, has announced a new three-year pilot plan through the School of Arts and Sciences to improve these scores, centered around the addition of a new mandatory Expository Writing II requirement for graduation effective next Fall.

“When we saw the data on our students’ GRE scores, we accepted that we were not taking a strong enough approach to preparing our students for this test, and therefore graduate level research and writing,” stated Stubaus at last Friday’s Senate meeting. “More and more students are applying to graduate school programs. We must do our very best to prepare them for graduate school and the competitive workforce they will face afterwards.”

The three-year program would begin with SAS students who are 32 credits or fewer away from graduating being required to take the Expository Writing II class, following up on the “Expos I” class already required by the majority of all first-year students.

“They are all fucking stupid. So fuck ‘em and make them suffer in their last semester with Expos II,” shouted Vice Chancellor of New Brunswick Richard Edwards as he pulled out a cigarette from his blazer. “We lower our goddamn standards to let in more of these prissy privileged cocks and despite playing the numbers, they still can’t make us look good academically!” When asked what this means for the Camden and Newark campuses, Edwards added: “They are already a lost fucking cause. No way they ever get into a good graduate school, so let’s just pretend they don’t exist like usual.”

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