Where the Weed At?

BY Chris Fischeryobro

Hey bro, you got any weed? Just asking because I know you always got that fire. Just wondering if you wanted to chill and smoke. I can smoke you up when I re-up myself. Not sure when that’ll be though, because my guy is out of town.

Nah dude, I’m not trying to mooch! I can throw you fives or get you back, whatever works easiest for you bro. We haven’t hung out in forever! Remember how tight we were in high school, I’m just sayin’ it’s been a while and I’m just tryna catch up is all, but I’d be down to smoke.

What’s that, you’re all out of bud? Aww shit dude, that’s rough. Truth, I was busy anyway, I should probably go write that paper I’ve been putting off. Hit me up if you ever wanna smoke sometime! By the way, do you still have Aaron’s number?

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