Break Fast

BY Supa Krupa Troopa

Oh waffle, waffle. Wherefore art thou waffle? Deny thy healthy breakfast food, refuse thy accessibility to waffle iron…

Although we don’t unite often, meeting you for breakfast dates is just as magical today as it was when we met in the early 90s. I first encountered your infamous eggo waffle avatar at breakfast before a yellow bus came to pick me up for my first day of kindergarten. The memory of dulcet and redolent syrup that ran over your carby, crispy exterior makes me pine for you.

Your versatility amazes. Fruits, butter, chocolate chips, whipped cream, ice cream, and sometimes even the savory deep fried delicacies are so compatible with your fluffy goodness. You carry yourself with such panache that would go great with chocolate ganache.

I feel an abysmal darkness resonating through my soul when I’m told “Sorry ma’am, we only have pancakes today, would you like coffee with that?”

However when we do meet, it makes the experience that much more unforgettable. You are my panacea for anything. My happiness. My joy. My hope. You’ve been breakfast of choice from day 1. Thank you for being my everything.

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