Senior Severely Disappointed by Moe’s Monday

BY The Bus Kid
He’s Back!

PISCATAWAY—This past Monday, Rutgers Business School senior Sagar Shah continued to get the full Rutgers experience of being let down when he decided to try out the Southwest-themed fast food restaurant Moe’s. Known for its weekly special “Moe’s Monday,” the restaurant located in the Busch Student Center lists: “Any burrito, chips, and salsa for $5.99!” as the promotion of the day. Graduating this semester, Shah decided to at least try it at least once before he would move on to the work-life.

“I was really excited for it,” Shah told reporters from The Medium, “I never had the chance to really try to Moe’s since I am usually not on this campus but now I have Planet Earth so this seemed like a must-do opportunity.” Shah currently takes Planet Earth as an elective required for his SAS CORE requirements, which is held in the Pharmacy Building.
“But from the second I walked up to the counter, I knew that all my hopes and dreams for the perfect burrito place on campus would be lost. As I asked the worker for some queso he replied, ‘That’ll be extra.’” Shah then had to take a few moments from his conversation to excuse himself as he dropped his head into the palms of his hands.Moe.jpg

From the rest of the interview with Shah, reporters understood he was only given roughly a teaspoon of queso for a shocking amount of $1.20 extra, in direct contradiction of the “any burrito” as advertised by Moe’s. To add further dissatisfaction for Shah, Moe’s had only provided him with approximately seven full-sized tortilla chips and salsa that could be described as a rotten slurry of tomatoes and jalapeños.

Shah added later, “Why did I even get my hopes up? It’s Rutgers. Nearly everything that has happened to me here has been a half-assed ‘oh, cool’ at best. Well at least I have gone to all of the Mexican-themed restaurants on campus, the others being College Ave ’s Currito Burritos Without Borders with it’s chalk-flavored tofu and Livingston Plaza’s Qdoba, which is always overpriced.” The senior seemingly forgot about the existence of Douglass Cafe and its subpar food.

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