Local Man Continues to Send Ten-Second Snapchats

BY Jay Omegatron
Fourier Transformer

SAYREVILLE, NJ—In what was described both as “an unfortunate misunderstanding of technology” and “an impedance to human progress,” local Sayreville resident Adam Mintchell, 26, continues to send snapchats of ten-second length. Friends of Mintchell have expressed taking “immense discomfort” in the feat of experiencing his mundane doings in “discrete but prolonged” intervals.snapten

“It’s like I’m in his shoes, but in a series of ten-second still images,” commented Ashley Runardi, a coworker of Mintchell’s. “It’s both dreadfully boring and unnervingly long at the same time.” Runardi is often featured in Mintchell’s Snapchat Story on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays when their lunch breaks coincide. She has also been sighted in at least one of his “work selfies,” all of which documented as lasting no fewer than ten seconds.
Mintchell was recently spotted at a local Buffalo Wild Wings, reportedly eating citrus-flavored chicken wings, drinking a Blue Moon beer, and watching an Iowa Hawkeyes basketball game; corroborated by corresponding photos captioned “Citrus Wings,” “Blue Moon”, and “Lets Go Hawks”. It is presumed that each photo would have been displayed for a ten-second duration.

“It’s not necessarily that his life is boring—which it still is, don’t get me wrong,” noted Mintchell’s ex-girlfriend Eileen Moore. “It’s just that dedicating ten seconds of my life to viewing each basic task he performs seems excessive. I get that you’re at a concert; I don’t need to see it in photos, ten seconds at a time.” Mintchell is reportedly a “big fan” of the band 5 Seconds of Summer.

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