Justice Demanded for Student Shamed in Practice of Hate

BY Randy Butternubs
Eternally Jaded
PISCATAWAY – In protest of the recent shaming of a Livingston Apartment resident who emblazoned a swastika in his living room for his Jewish roommate to see, several students have banded together in support of free hate speech.
Citing it as is a fundamental American right and tradition to discriminate against another’s religion or race, the protest group calling themselves “Fuck You, Too!”  claims it is highly inappropriate to treat others harshly for their bigoted acts and opinions.
“We believe that the atmosphere we’ve created here at Rutgers reflects the modern consensus among hateful Americans,” said protest leader James Crowe. “Ever since Milo Yiannopoulos’s speech, [PC/offensive] attitudes have resulted in a campus devoid of understanding and rational thought. It’s been simply refreshing.” Crowe and his group plan to demonstrate on Brower Steps in order to raise awareness against hate shaming.
Even students not involved with the protest group have been nonetheless outspoken in support this cause.
“When I put up a swastika, I don’t want to feel so persecuted that I need to pretend that I really mean it as the Buddhist symbol of peace,” said SAS junior Rick Snuftin. “I shouldn’t have to hide that I’m a terrible person who believes that others should feel scared and less-than-human. Besides, fuck Buddhism!”
Rutgers University personnel have acted quickly to ignore this matter. However, administrators plan to assuage the community’s concerns by sending out a vague, university-wide email claiming that “Rutgers does not condone such actions” five weeks after this incident is relevant.

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