Young Thug is a Visionary

drBY Dr. Ron Sonol

Has anyone heard the new album “I’m Up” by Jeffrey Lamar Williams, AKA Young Thug? If not, I highly recommend you give it a spin in your boom box. As a Distinguished Chair of Modern Music at Mason Gross, I cannot be more thrilled to share such a piece of art with my colleagues.

For example, when he said “I feel special” on the track “Special” featuring Offset and Solo Lucci, pure genius! Almost comparable to his backing vocals on the hit single “Lifestyle” by Rich Gang. Who could forget when he shouted “fuck ‘em niggas!” and established himself as the emerging leader of the popular music world. I’d dare even compare it to his guest vocals on Tyga’s song, “Hookah,” in which he softly croons, “baby just pass me the hookah, baby pass me the hook-, bae pass meedahook, ay bay pah meedahooah, padahooahpadahooahpadahooah,” which eventually dissolves into incoherent rambling and cooing, consistent with Thugga’s innocent, childish persona. Inconceivable brilliance!

I’m actually surprised to find myself in a minority of Musicologists who appreciate Thugga Thugga’s work. In concourse with colleagues, I actually discovered an odd disdain for his acclaimed performance on the track “About the Money” by T.I.; how could one not see the lyrical genius in verses such as “Smoke way more weed than I guy in L.A.,” or even “pants out the grocery store, they stuffed with lettuce, aye.” The echoes of Beethoven and Whitman themselves! And before you know it, Young Thug’s art will be filling the most elite and cultured of social halls in this country.bruh


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